DUI, Impaired driving, Over 80

If you, a family member or a friend find themselves charged with DUI (driving under influence), impaired driving, over 80 (>80mg alcohol per 100 ml of blood) or breathalyzer refusal then contacting a lawyer that specializes in these cases is of the utmost importance. The consequences of a conviction can be devastating, with potential impact on career, insurance costs and freedom to travel.

The state has access to vast resources to investigate and prosecute impaired driving cases. It juat makes sense that you have access to counsel who are prepared to take on the state and fight for your rights. Our lawyers have extensive experience in representing people facing breathalyzer refusal, over 80 and a host of other impaired driving charges and are experts at getting the best possible outcome for our clients. From the moment you suspect you at risk of facing a driving offence call 310-LAWYER (310-5299) and ask for an impaired driving lawyer! The sooner we hear from you the better your chances.

Our lawyers are so respected in the field of driving offences that we have provided legal consultation to Ottawa based firms specializing in this area.

While we cannot guarantee a particular result we CAN guarantee that your rights will be aggressively defended and you will be diligently and professionally represented. We will carefully assess your case and assign a lawyer to be your lead counsel. At 310-LAWYER, you not only hire one lawyer but you have the backing of an entire team. If you have been charged with an offence involving the impaired operation of a motor vehicle, then simply complete the form to the right and we will arrange up to a half hour of FREE consultation by phone, email or in person.