Young Offenders

In Ontario, persons under the age of 18 suspected of an offence fall under the jurisdiction of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, (YCJA), which replaced the young offenders act. While the punishment applied under the YCJA is not as harsh as punishment applied to adults, the consequences should not to be taken lightly. A criminal record can potentially affect career prospect and the ability to travel. Youth criminal records are not erased at age 18. For this reason parents and guardians are wise to seek legal advice from a lawyer with expertise in youth offences to keep a balance between being taught a lesson and causing long term harm to the youth's livelihood.

No matter what the charges are the person is a youth that needs special attention by seasoned professionals who specialize in youth crime matters. If your child or someone you know has been arrested it can be an emotionally charged experience. No matter what the circumstances and the feelings at the time the youth's rights need to be protected at all costs. Young offenders and their parents have been known to sign away their rights at key moments without full knowledge of the effects. Calm, professional advice from a lawyer at this time can avoid consequences in the future that a parent and youth may later regret.

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